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Wireless Voice-Activated Nursing Home Solutions

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  • Allows users to access relevant Patient Information when they need it without changing their workflow
  • Utilizes the same back-end infrastructure found in the e-Rx solution to allow for the maximum number of positive experiences when using the system
  • Works with the Pharmacy to provide a order processing system for Nursing Home Providers
  • Ability to access data from the Nursing Home Pharmacy and present it to the Physician to allow for the processing of all orders for that patient in the home
  • This solution eliminates the need for verbal orders for Nursing Home patients.

MediVoice Nursing Home Example

  • Place an order for Nursing Home Services for a specific patient by a Physician
  • The order will be placed using verbal commands. The requested order will be displayed for review and then sent to the Nursing Home Pharmacy with appropriate messaging to Physician and Nursing Home staff. The nurse or nurse assistant could then be prompted to ensure that the caregiver follows proper protocol by task- messaging the appropriate caregivers involved in the process.

MediVoice Nursing Home Example

After the order is placed the system will have the ability to communicate with all involved in the Laboratory Service. This could include:

  • Nurse
  • Nursing Home Care Coordinator
  • Therapist
  • Physician
  • Laboratory Admin. & Technician