Company – Overview

Medi Voice logoMediVoice, LLC, has developed a wireless E-Health suite of products that is designed to enhance the efficiency of healthcare workers. All of these products utilize voice commands to accomplish the tasks at hand and will work effectively for physicians, clinicians, nurses and all others in healthcare, allowing them to focus on the care-giving while accessing the relevant information that they need in order to provide the appropriate care. At the same time, these tools make the provider’s job easier by allowing them to take the next steps of placing a verbal order for pharmacy, labs, etc., with the MediVoice system actually performing the back-end follow-up documentation necessary to ensure best clinical practice guidelines are adhered to and all regulatory issues are addressed and followed.

MediVoice, LLC, does this by licensing voice control software with which the E-Health Application will operate. The foundation of this is an e-prescription system that will have the ability to stand alone or operate with other systems. This e-Rx system, in conjunction with other programs, is the platform for many powerful enterprise mobility solutions that place all the tools healthcare workers need at the point of care. These tools not only provide the double and triple checks necessary to reduce errors, but also improve productivity by eliminating manual paper-and-pen-based, error-laden processes, as well as connecting multiple electronic information systems, to allow one point of entry for the user and continuity of information. MediVoice’s E-Health Applications arm healthcare workers with the ability to access pertinent patient information from the Hospital Information System, other partner applications, or write an electronic prescription from most any device on any carrier or WiFi network using their voice. As a result, hospitals can dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of everyday tasks – from medication administration and specimen collection, to patient monitoring, medical rounds and more. The E-Health Application has many different connections to existing technology systems that are currently being used by hospitals and healthcare workers and providers. This will allow for the maximum number of users to improve the adoption of these technologies by improving the user interface through the utilization of voice to navigate their handheld devices.

MediVoice’s E-Health Applications not only make a difference in the quality of care delivered, but also in hospitals’ electronic health record (EHR) strategies. The challenges that all healthcare organizations face in developing and deploying their EHR strategy tend to revolve around three key issues: Accessibility, Relevant Real-Time Data and User-Friendly Capabilities to ensure physician adoption. Incorporating a mobility solution that is easy to use and navigate, within their EHR strategy, allows a hospital to address these challenges.