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Wireless Voice-Activated Electronic Prescription Solutions (MediVoiceRx)

– The need for e-Rx is well established

  • Nearly 25% of all hospital patients experience medication errors
  • 1.5 million patients a year are injured and more than 7,000 die as the result of preventable medication errors
  • More than 2 million adverse drug events annually, 130,000 of which are life-threatening

– Despite significant investments, adoption has been limited

  • 20% of the 550,000 practicing U.S. physicians had the technology to send e-prescriptions, but only 5% actually have been using it

– Solution usability has been a critical limiting factor

  • Existing e-Rx solutions require use of PDA or logging on to a website (neither of which is compatible with the physician’s daily patient routine)
  • Requires significant physician training, changes of habit, etc.

MediVoice has developed an innovative voice-based e-Prescription system that overcomes these limitations

MediVoiceRx offers a solution that will make it difficult for providers to say “No” to because “It is too hard to learn or use.”

  • Accuracy up to 99% with little or no training
  • Simple to use — it works with one simple voice command
  • Stands alone or interfaces with practice management system
  • Works with any Web-based EMR system
  • Will work on most smart phones or data-accessible flip phones.

MediVoice e-Prescription Example

MediVoiceRx can easily be used to process verbal orders; i.e., a pharmacy order or an e-Rx for a specific patient by simply pushing one button on the phone and saying:

“Write a new script for Bob Jones.”

The new script could be viewed from their standard cell phone or smart phone, and then approved for dispensing at their pharmacy of choice.