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Wireless Voice-Activated Electronic EMR Solutions

“Voice-Activated EMR,” the only voice EMR system available today, is built based on existing voice control architecture, leveraging that expertise into the Healthcare domain

– MediVoice features include:

  • Look up current patients
  • Show daily status for a specific patient
  • Show lab results for a specific patient
  • Show medications for a specific patient
  • Create and verify prescriptions in real-time
  • Streamline the verbal order process for pharmacy orders, lab, x-ray, PT, & others

– MediVoice key differentiators:

  • Can be used with most existing mobile phones, and on most mobile carriers (i.e. does not require use of a special device or access to a desktop computer)
  • Does not require downloading any software to the mobile phone
  • Simple user interface accepts natural voice commands that are highly flexible and easy to learn
  • Application displays results graphically in the mobile browser or smart phone browser and are automatically adapted to any mobile device screen size.

– Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions

  • Allow EMR vendors to offer their customer the option of utilizing voice commands to navigate their solution quickly and easily
  • Utilize the same back-end infrastructure found in the e-Rx solution to allow for the maximum number of positive experiences when using the system
  • Standard application allows for requesting information
  • Ability to access data from multiple sources and present it to the user in a format that is easy to use and follow
  • Ability to expand beyond retrieval only and also to write to the record
  • Ultimately has the ability to update chart notes and other types of transcription/dictation.

MediVoice EMR Example

  • The application is customizable based on the needs of the user, as well as the payer
  • For example you could say:
    “Show vitals for Catherine Cotter.”
  • It could be viewed from their standard cell phone, smart phone or computer.